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What is the right chute that I should use for waste removal? What is the safest method to dispose of waste from a construction site? You are working on a construction project and as your project develops, so does the amount of waste, such as sheetrock and cement and other materials.

It is important that you remove this unwanted waste, and you want to make sure you remove it in the most efficient and professional fashion. Luckily, you can rely on our construction chute to do the job.

Safety comes first There are many hazards and safety considerations that must be taken into consideration when renovating or building as a result of the waste that appears from the construction.

The dust that emerges from these materials pollutes the atmosphere and can harm the workers and neighbors as well.

Shards of glass and other such sharp objects are dangerous obstacles that should be removed as soon as possible.

Our construction chutes will guarantee your safety by assuring that the waste, all the waste, will slide down the chute into the dumpster below, thus avoiding contact with human beings.

Safety is an important priority, and Hod Chutes will make sure that this priority’s demands are met with the highest standards. Construction chutes manufacturing The chutes themselves are manufactured in Italy in accordance to European safety regulations.

Our chutes are built in order to transport the heaviest of materials. Placing a cinderblock, for an example, into a chute that exits the window of a ten story building in a residential area takes a lot of courage if you don’t have confidence in your chute.

Hod Chutes is here to give you that confidence. Our experience in the field of waste disposal is utilized towards the manufacturing of a strong chute that can take on the transport of the roughest and heaviest of waste in the worst weather conditions.

Contact us Our staff consists of friendly and professional personnel who put your interests as their interest.

You can rely on our experience and knowledge in this field to assure the smooth disposal of all waste materials. We will gladly offer you free consultation in where we will recommend an appropriate construction chute for your specific project, taking into account all the relevant details.

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