Debris Chute

Debris Chutes

How do I remove the debris from my renovation project? Debris is a serious issue that is involved in almost every renovation or construction project. As a result of the demolition debris pollutes the air, causing danger to the residents of the building as well as to the workers. Other waste materials that lie around the construction site after demolition and cause a great safety hazard are, bricks, wood, shards of glass, lead paint, cement, sheet-rock and other such materials. Some of these contain toxic gasses and needs to be removed as soon as possible. There are poisonous materials that must be ejected from the building immediately. That is where Hod debris chute comes into the picture. Debris Chutes Our debris chutes have been used to transfer uncountable volumes of waste from various countries internationally.

The chutes have been tested and have demonstrated excellent performance in disposing of waste from construction sites including debris, rubble, and rubbish. Instead of treacherous journeys down the stairs, the waste is simply placed through the opening of the chute, and slides down to where it belongs. It is such a simple idea, yet is so effective and crucial to construction projects. We provide you with debris chutes of the highest standards to assure a high functioning system. Our chutes are manufactured according to our specific instructions, and as a customer you purchase them from us for the most reasonable prices in the waste disposal industry. Our staff consists of dedicated professionals who will make sure that every detail of the waste disposal element of your project is fully catered to. We also provide free consultancy by our friendly and experienced staff. Join the ranks of satisfied clients worldwide who have trusted Hod Chutes for their debris chutes system, and whom years later are still satisfied by our products and services. Contact us Hod Chutes is ready to assist you with all your waste disposal needs. The common goal of each and every member of our staff is to assist you and cause you to be happy with the waste disposal of your project. 16 years of experience have taught us much about how to cater to the clients, and how important it is to provide them with the confidence in the efficiency of the chute. So what are you waiting for? Please click on the link below, and we’ll be there for you.