Plastic Chutes

Plastic Chutes - Waste Chute

What are waste chutes? What use do they have? Waste disposal is an integral part of al

l construction and renovation projects. Much debris and rubble remain lying around the room that is being constructed and have to be eliminated. How can one get rid of them? Carrying all the waste down the stairs can be a tiring ordeal and in some cases is nearly impossible. Plastic chutes are exactly as they sound; plastic sleeves that exit the window of the floor where the construction is taking place. The waste is placed in the chute and slides down into a dumpster or whatever reciprocal it may be on the bottom of the building.

At Hod Chutes, we provide you the best plastic chutes that the industrial market has to offer so that your building experience is as stress free as possible. Why Hod Plastic Chutes? So now you have decided to invest in plastic chutes. Why choose Hod chutes? We wanted to make sure that our customers would have a clear reasoning for their decision to choose our services, and so we embarked on a long and comprehensive journey in finding the ultimate chute for proper waste disposal. We discovered that the best material to produce chutes is polyethylene, which will ensure the durability and functioning of the chutes in the harshest of conditions. We take into account harsh weather conditions, and heavy, rough waste materials which slide down the plastic chutes. Our chutes are manufactured especially for us in Italy according to the European regulations for safety and quality. We import the chutes and thus the customer purchases them directly from us without the interference of an agent. For over sixteen years we have been assisting builders and renovators with waste disposal services. The accumulation of this knowledge and experience in the field has brought us many customers all over the world who are interested in our unique product. When it comes to your building project you want only the best service. Contact us Our staff is ready to help you with your waste disposal services by recommending the perfect plastic chute that will cater to your specific project. Join the team of our satisfied customers internationally who benefit from the use of our shafts. We offer a free consultation by our expert team. All you have to do is make contact with us by clicking the link below.