Hod Chutes – Waste Removal Sleeves

Waste Removal Sleeves Manufacturer & Exporter

Hod chutes was founded in 2000 , the Hod Chutes has become a leader in importing & exporting of waste removal sleeves in the Israeli market.

We’ve started our way by renting the Waste Removal Sleeves for the handyman, contractors and large companies. After working with dozens types of waster removal sleeves throughout the years, we’ve concluded the market misses a truly high quality product, as well as the other essential features such as durability and material quality.

After extensive market research, contacting numerous factories, going through designs and samples, we’ve found a leading plastics factory in the field which meets our requirements..

Together we brought the the Waste Removal Sleeves to the highest level available on the market, and created the product of the right size & shape, that will allow comfortable work without any blockages or malfunctions.

We provide our Waste Removal Sleeves in Israel and also outside the country.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more detailed info about our products. We will be happy to assist, advice or answer any questions the customer might have.