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Why you need HOD CHUTES

Founded in 2000, HOD CHUTES delivers proprietary construction chute products with unparalleled customer service.

We started our journey by renting our chutes to maintenance personnel, contractors and large companies. While working with dozens of types of  construction chutes over the years, we knew the market was missing a debris chute system with unmatched essential features including high-quality material and long-lasting durability. After collecting numerous factory designs and samples, we found a leading plastics factory in the field that met all our requirements and product design began.

Hod Chutes was designed to handle both light renovation work and  heavy duty construction debris. 


Coupling/Stacking System

Firstly, the tapered bottoms of our construction chutes allow for easy debris removal no matter the height of your building while our conical design allows for easy storage and portability. 

Column Continuity and Versatility

Secondly, fast and easy installation allows you to choose the construction chute columns height depending on your debris disposal needs and adjust if needed. Once installed, the columns seamlessly transport any garbage directly to your designated receptacle. 

High Quality, Resistance and Safety

 Thirdly, our construction chutes are designed utilizing high quality polyethylene rotation molding making sure the chutes are both durable and light. Ideal thickness coupled with a flexible shell ensure the chutes can absorb high-impact debris. 

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