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5 Benefits of Polyethylene Rotation Molding (Part 1)

The use of construction chutes in all construction projects involving high-rise buildings is mandatory, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Because of this, we at Hod Chutes provide high-grade, lightweight, and top-quality construction chutes to building and construction on projects, renovations, and lots more.

We use the Polyethylene rotational molding to design and manufacture out chutes. Our debris chutes are high grade and manufactured to meet the best industry standard. The quality of chutes matters when in use. Poor quality chutes can cause a big hassle, like breaking during use. However, we offer construction chutes that are reliable, strong, and durable. The molding method ensures this.

What Is the Rotational Molding Method?

Polyethylene rotational molding is used for manufacturing a piece of hollow parts and double- walled open plastic containers like tanks, coolers, and chutes. Rotational molding is also known as roto-molding. Rotational molding involves rotating the mold for even distribution of plastic throughout the manufacturing process of the chutes. Other methods of manufacturing construction chutes are available, but the rotational molding method is the best.

Benefits of Polyethylene Rotational Molding

At Hod Chutes, our construction chutes are using the rotational molding method. The manufacturing technique offers several benefits that are crucial to the final results and quality. The method allows careful design and engineering that enables full control over chutes thickness. Below are some of the benefits of the process.

1. Versatility of Design

Rotational molding involves melting plastic until it conforms to the shapes of the mold. And due to the capacity of Polyethylene to withstand high temperature for a long time during manufacturing, it can be molded into the desired shape without losing stability. Also, the technique enables the production of products without having weld lines. Our chutes also come in a wide array of styles, colors, and surface finishes. In view of this, we produce debris chutes in a wide array of designs, colors, sizes, and finishes.

2. Lightweight Products

The rotational molding process enables the manufacturing of much lighter construction chutes that are easy to transport and install without exposing workers to injury on-site. You do not need to spend huge money on hiring heavy machinery to lift or install our manufactured chutes. This enables quick delivery to project sites and installation according to the OSHA regulations.


Hod Chutes manufactures and supplies high-quality construction chutes that have uniform sizes, thicknesses, and high stability. Contact us today for construction chutes for rental.



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