Hod Chutes

Trash and Debris Chute System

Founded in 2000,  Hod Chutes is a leading seller of trash and debris chute systems for construction projects of all sizes. We are headquartered in Israel with branch locations throughout the US, Asia and Europe and can import and export quickly given our geographic reach.

We started our journey by renting our chutes to maintenance personnel, contractors and large construction companies. Having worked with dozens of chute types over the years, we knew the market was undoubtedly missing a high-end product. After collecting and comparing numerous factory designs and samples, we were ready to start manufacturing. As a result,  we found a leading plastics factory in the field that met all our requirements and product design began.

At Hod Chutes, we manufacture the highest quality construction chutes and we absolutely believe you should not have to compromise on high quality and long-lasting durability. Most importantly, price shouldn’t mean a trade-off in product quality. Together, we bring you the highest quality trash and debris chute systems available on the market. In addition, we offer a variety of custom sizes and shapes that allow for quick and easy project cleanup. 

Feel free to contact us for more detailed information on our products. We will be happy to help, advise or answer any questions you may have. 

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