Additional Features & Accessories

Dust Cover

These dust sleeves should be placed between each chute to keep dust and dirt to a minimum in those dry working conditions. Dust covers also prevent excess material from falling outside the chute. In particular, this will keep the worksite clean and well maintained. The dust cover also reduces harmful debris from falling on workers below keeping in line with OSHA requirements. Moreover, easily attach these accessories to your chute column.

Additional features include:

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Reusable
  • Keeps worksite clean
  • Assorted Colors

Tarp Cover

Keep out flying dust, rain water, snow and debris from job sites. Our heavy-duty tarps come with 6 thick durable rubber straps all around ensuring the tarp will stay in place while on the dumpster unit. Attach it to the dumpster bin or dump truck to keep the worksite clean and reduce debris fallout. Easy to install. Durable, keeps trash and debris dry and reduces exposure to harmful toxins.

Additional features include:

  • Grommets for additional tiedown
  • Standard or custom dumpster cover sizes available
  • Easy to install, only requiring one person
  • Reusable

Diamond Braided Rope

Regardless, use the rope as a guideline inside of the chutes. In addition, these ropes serve to anchor chutes to the building, window or balcony at floors where you don’t have a steel anchor. Lastly, you can tie them to the bottom few chutes and pull them directly to the dumpster and tie off.  

Additional features include:

  • 100′ Length
  • 1.85 pounds
  • Multicolor, Assorted Colors
  • ‎16.7 x 3.6 x 3.6 inches
  • ‎Polypropylene
  • Multiuse

4″ Steel Carabiner

Use the carabiner for versatile binding, rigging and anchoring in combination with the diamond braided rope or by itself. Without a doubt, the carabiners are durable and multiuse. Additionally, use them in combination with the tarp cover to attach to the dumpster bin or dumpster truck.

Additional features include:

  • 4″ X 2″ Spring Hook Carabiner
  • Stainless Steel Snap Hook
  • Heavy Duty
  •  Load capacity is 650Lbs/295kg
  • Item Package Dimensions ‎3.86 x 3.39 x 0.47 inches

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