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How to maintain scaffolding safety

Safety is a top priority when working at height in the construction industry. Several types of scaffolding-related accidents happen every year, causing tens of millions of dollars in lost workdays without mentioning other costs incurred. As a result, scaffolding safety must be ensured to keep employees safe and avoid loss of revenue. Because of this, […]

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How to remove construction chutes safely after use

After completing cleaning the workplace after a construction project, it is crucial to ensure the safe removal of the installed construction chutes. This will help protect the chutes against damage and avoid injuring workers guarding the chutes system. Removing construction chutes safely after use requires patience and a systematic step-by-step procedure. The construction chute system […]

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Rubbish Chutes for Sale in Arizona

Are you searching for top-quality rubbish chutes for sale in Arizona? Are you looking for a trash chute rental in Arizona? Do not search further; HodChutes offers top-of-the-line hopper and construction debris chutes for sale and rental in Arizona. You do not have to stress out; contact us today for same day delivery. Apart from […]

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What Goes Into Construction Chutes Pricing in Illinois?

Complying with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulation, debris chutes or construction chutes have become a mandatory tool for any construction project in high-rise buildings. The primary goals of installing trash shoots include employees’ safety, fast cleaning operations, and cost savings. Consequently, it is more beneficial for construction companies to install demolition chute […]

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