Chain Holder

Ever pondered how the columns remain intact after installation? Attach the chain holders for debris chutes via a 3 piece steel screw set. Easily assemble the chute system by attaching a chain holder on each side of the chute. Once the chain holders for debris chutes are attached, you can connect the 6mm or 8mm chains and connect them to the chute below. You can assemble and connect the chains while the chute system is horizontal on the ground. You’ll also have the option to attach the chains to the winch picking bar and hoist up. As you hoist up, you can attach the next chute via chains and hoist up again. You’ll follow this process and attach like LEGO. 

Chain holders for debris chutes are a vital part of the system. You can rest assured that our steel chutes can support the chains and chute system. The loading capacity is thousands of pounds and unlike other systems, works to carry the weight of the column. There is a mistaken belief that the chutes themselves bear the loading capacity but the chutes in our system work to serve only to funnel the garbage to the dumpster. 

Why are Chain Holders for Debris Chutes Essential?

In addition to the chains and anchors, the chain holders for debris chutes play a key role in ensuring a strong grip and reduce movement of the debris chute columns. Since they are attached to each debris chute, the chain bracket grips the chute when lifted by a winch. HodChutes offer chutes equipped with chain holders and individual chain holders to our customers. Manufactured according to industry standards, they are available in standard size to hold the chain and keep all chutes intact. These are attached with screws and can be readjusted accordingly. However, rest assured that our chain holders already come fixed in the right place to hold the chains and anchors.

You can work with our 24/7 virtual team for installation support or follow our installation videos for tips and tricks. 

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