How Trash Chute Rentals Help Chicago Recycle Construction Site Waste

Compliance with the Chicago Municipal Code on Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling is crucial for all construction companies in Chicago. According to the Chicago Municipal Code (Construction or demolition site waste recycling) Section 11-4-1905, all new projects, whether renovation, demolition, or new construction that satisfy the code’s provision must reuse or recycle at least 50 percent of demolition or construction trash produced on-site. The Department of Public Health monitors the separation and recycling of construction and demolition (C&D) debris to save disposal fees and protect the environment.

Trash categorized under the C&D debris includes scrap metal, plumbing fixtures and piping, wood, glass and plastic, roofing shingles and roof coverings, non-asbestos insulation, bricks, rocks, concrete and masonry materials, and landscape waste. The Chicago Municipal Code stipulates that construction companies must keep track of the amount of C&D debris generated on project sites. Also, not less than 50 percent of the said debris that is recyclable must be recycled.

it is crucial that construction companies make adequate provisions to cater to the disposal of construction trash without endangering the safety of the employees. In addition, arrangement should be made to facilitate easy and safe disposal of debris to make the site free from harmful materials or debris capable of injuring or harming anyone who trips and falls over.

As construction companies strive to protect employees from occupational hazards, the also need to follow the government guidelines regarding recycling and sorting of debris, which the installation of light chutes can make possible without difficulties.

How Can Trash Chutes Help?

New builds, demolition, and renovation usually generate debris on site. If the project is taking place in a high-rise building, installing construction trash chute is inevitable, in compliance with the OSHA’S recommendations. The
light chutes installed offer several benefits that help to keep the work area and the site free from accidents and dangers that may result from dumping trash from heights.

Here are some ways debris chutes can help.

1. Effective Sorting of C&D Debris

As required by the code, debris must be appropriately sorted, and recyclable C&D debris must be recycled. Construction debris chute will help to sort the trash appropriately. A trash chute can be installed for recyclable debris and another for non-recyclable trash. The recyclable debris can be packed and transported to the recycling services providers.

2. Accurate Debris Measurement

Measuring the amount of debris generated may be inaccurate if not properly disposed of. With easy chute to rent, construction companies can dump trash or debris into the trash chute directed into a dumpster that debris is not spilled over the site and the amount of debris can be correctly measured in compliance with the code.

The Benefits of Installing Debris Chutes

Investing in construction or demolition chute offers the following benefits:

  1. Time-saving 

Installing light chutes is the best way to enable easy and fast collection and sorting of C&D debris. A chute system can be designated for recyclable debris while another chute system can be allotted to non-recyclable debris. Alternatively,
an employee can be assigned to separate recyclable debris at the end of the chute system. As a result, it is much quicker to sort C&D debris.

2. Cost efficiency 

Installing light chutes on project sites helps lower the cost incurred in sorting C&D debris. Just a few employees will be required for sorting and disposal of debris if light chutes are installed and monitored appropriately. 

3. Compliance 

Complying with the Chicago Municipal Code is possible when light chutes are installed across construction sites. It becomes easier and hassle-free to sort through and recycle C&D debris. As a result, construction companies can avoid penalties.

4. Upholding the industry’s best practice

It is expected of any responsible construction company to comply with the industry’s best practice and standard. This is crucial to the company’s integrity and reputation. One way to uphold the industry’s best practice regarding sorting and recycling C&D debris is to install light chutes. 

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