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Construction Debris Categories

There is a significant amount of trash and debris that comes with construction and unfortunately most of this waste ends up in landfills. It can be a big challenge to dispose of debris stemming from construction and renovation. Taking some time will help you implement environmentally friendly removal solutions. Our construction debris chute systems are designed utilizing high quality polyethylene rotation molding ensuring they can regularly withstand and absorb high-impact debris. 

Construction debris you can safely dump 

Construction and demolition (C&D) is non-hazardous, non-contaminated solid waste resulting from construction, remodeling, repair or demolition projects on building and other structures. Here is a list of materials that you can dispose of:

  • Non- asbestos containing material 
  • Asphalt 
  • Brick, drywall and masonry block 
  • Carpets 
  • Concrete and ceramic 
  • Tile, mirror, glass 
  • Toilets, sink and bathtubs 
  • Lead and mercury-containing materials 
  • Untreated wood: plywood, particle board, pallets 

Illegal dumping of construction debris can result in expensive fines, penalties, or possible jail time. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the maximum penalty for both intentionally or unintentionally supplying misleading information about waste can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Plan debris removal

Taking time to plan properly will mean fewer mistakes. Dedicate times during and at the end of each day to cleanup.  Doing this can help your crew understand it is part of their job. Starting these new habits will help you foster a more eco-friendly company. Above all, it will help you to save in so many areas with a safer, cleaner jobsite. 

Our friendly staff will be more than happy to guide you through the process by studying the specifics of your project. Together, we’ll provide you with valuable advice and recommendations for the perfect construction debris chute system. Join the team of satisfied clients who have made a smart investment for their construction projects with our chute columns. We guarantee a professional and friendly service. For a free consultation about our construction debris chute systems, contact us today. 


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