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Debris Chute Safety

Debris chutes are an essential apparatus on construction sites. They offer several uses on-site, saving time, and reducing risks of accidents. Following the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) regulations, if materials or waste will be dropped more than 20 feet to any point outside the external walls, trash chutes for construction shall be used.

Trash chutes for construction are usually installed and used on multi-level construction sites and areas in the building where it is difficult and dangerous for workers handling debris and trash. Debris chutes help in managing construction debris efficiently and according to regulations. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the basics of chute safety from installation to usage and removal. This will enable workers handling construction debris to keep all on-site workers safe.

Essential Trash Chute Safet Tips

According to OSHA, trash chutes safety on construction sites should be prioritized, and the following safety tips should be looked into and compiled with to keep the workplace safe and workers free from harm.

A few workplace injuries caused by trash chutes for construction resulted from the failure to install the chutes appropriately. As a result, debris falls through openings from unprotected sides or edges, mostly when the debris falls through the chutes.

To avoid accidents with construction chutes, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper installation. Recommended instructions and processes must be adhered to for proper setup. Meanwhile, the installation procedures for short and large chutes differ a bit.

Short chutes are lightweight and have a small diameter. They can be set up against the side of the building. Large chutes, on the other hand, are relatively heavy and can cause injuries and back strains. As a result, large chutes may require an automatic or manual winch to help with installation. Meanwhile, large chutes may need to be supported by a secondary frame to withstand both equipment and trash weight.

The debris chutes must be tight fitted to reduce escaping from the thrash and to withstand the winds. More so, all chute’s sections should be closed at more than 45 degrees angle from the horizontal. Besides a guardian system, chute opening and ground control should be adequately catered to.

The chute must be so secured that it will withstand at least 200 pounds, either internal or external force. The trash chutes should also be about 42 inches above the working or walking area.

Meanwhile, the plastic chutes should be secured by a 42-inch guardrail according to OSHA recommendation. The construction chutes base should be guarded with warning signs posted around the base and barricade tape or high visibility line set around the base to protect pedestrians.

Debris chutes are meant to fast-track the cleaning process and protect workers from injuries. Consequently, construction debris chutes should be installed and secured according to the regulations.


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