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Debris Chute System

Debris Chute System

At HOD CHUTES, we are conscious that a good chute system is the most efficient way of preventing pain and risks in the disposal of construction materials. We take the debris away from you so that you can concentrate on the project itself. The first step in the successful elimination of waste from the building is a proper debris chute system.

We learned that polyethylene is the perfect material for production, following several years of researching the construction of the debris chute industry. It supplies the long-lasting and stable conditions which fall without this material.

Without the metallic chains, which link the cylinder and make the quality and reliable waste pull-down mechanism, the space and the output of the actual cylinder are worthless. As with all elements of the debris chute system, the consistency of the chains is not compromised.

We manufacture high-grade demolition chute for construction, and we accept that you do not sacrifice the high strength and durability. Prices, quite notably, do not represent a bargain on the quality of the product.

At HodChutes, we know that the ultimate solution to avoiding the discomfort and hazards of construction debris removal is by establishing a proper chute system. Building, renovating, and construction projects take a lot of planning, creativity, energy, and of course, money.

Trash and debris are construction byproducts that unfortunately can’t be ignored but how do you remove it quickly and properly? At HodChutes, we take your mind off the debris, so you can remain focused on the actual project. A proper  chute system is the first step in effective construction trash removal. Let’s look at some of the important factors you’ll need to ensure you have the proper debris chute system.

Plastic Chute Thickness

Plastic thickness is an integral part in the makeup of the debris  system, and greatly impacts its intended performance. You want to be sure that your plastic chutes can stand strong against rain and snow. If the plastic cylinders are too thin, they are in danger of succumbing to harsh weather conditions as well as to heavy debris loads.

Chute Material

After many years of studying the construction debris chute industry, we have discovered that polyethylene is the ideal material for manufacturing. It provides the durability and stability that chutes which do not use this material lack.

Reliable chain connectors

The thickness and manufacturing of the actual cylinders are worthless without the metallic chains which connect the cylinders together, forming a quality and reliable debris chutes system. As is the case with all components of the debris chute system, we do not compromise on the quality of the chains.

Professional evaluation and consultancy 

A professional assessment of your renovation, construction, or demolition project is necessary in order to determine the placement of a proper debris chute system. At HodChutes, we provide professional and free consultancy to ensure you are investing in a debris chute system that fits the demands of your specific project. Get in touch with our friendly and professional staff ready to assist you with the installment of your debris  system. Reach out today and we’ll be in touch with you for all your construction debris removal needs.


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