Hopper Chutes

Trash and debris removal can be a nuisance, right? However, it can be easy if you install chute openings for quick and convenient trash removal. During property renovation or construction, it is essential to install hopper chutes for your debris removal needs. Hopper chutes make it easier and efficient to funnel construction debris down your chute column system straight to your worksite dumpster. Installing them at roof, balcony, window or floor levels allow workers easy access to your chute column. In addition, it greatly reduce laborious trips to your dumpster. Multi-level access also reduces jobsite injury putting less physical strain on workers allowing them to dump trash loads directly from wheelbarrows and trash bins.

HodChutes offers hopper chutes for easy, hassle-free removal. Hopper chutes are installed at the top of the debris chute column and then placed throughout the column wherever you want open access. It serves as an extension that allows for the smooth evacuation of construction debris. Its wide, open lip design will make trash removal from multi-story buildings quick and easy.



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