How easy chute installation helps certain industries

Easy chute has become a crucial tool in the construction industry because of the need to dispose of debris or trash. The construction industry is one of the industries that generate much waste. As a result, having an effective and efficient system for the seamless disposal of waste is essential. Moreover, installing an easy chute on project sites is mandatory for certain industries more than the others according to OSHA’s directive and the benefits that construction chutes provide.

The directive of OSHA for the user of an easy chute focuses on the safety of employees working on projects of at least 20 feet high or two stories tall where debris or trash will be disposed of to the building’s exterior to the ground floor level. Before the OSHA’s regulations and even until now, there have been diverse records of accidents caused by dumping construction trash to the building’s exterior, causing bodily harm, life-threatening injuries, and debilitating injuries to employees on the ground floor, resulting from the failure to install an easy chute system or improper installation.

Meanwhile, easy chute installation has been of tremendous help to certain industries in diverse ways. Construction, hospitality, and government administrations are the top industries that use chutes. However, our focus will be on the construction industry. Consequently, here are some of the companies in the construction industry that have benefitted from installing debris chutes, construction trash chutes, or an easy chute – regardless of the name given to it in different industries.

1. Building Contractors

Companies that specialize in constructing new builds unavoidably install construction trash chutes as long as the construction goes beyond two stories. Installing an easy chute help with disposing of the waste generated on-site.

2. Renovation Companies

Companies that specialize in building renovation, such as historical buildings, residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, usually install trash chutes to remove the waste generated on the buildings.

3. Roofing Companies

Roofing also generates a lot of waste that will be dumped from the roof. As a result, roofing chutes must be installed for easy disposal of waste to avoid occupational hazards.

4. Masonry Companies

Building brick walls, fireplaces, concrete blocks, and building stone, such as granite, marble, and limestone in high-rise buildings also requires installing an easy chute for convenient disposal of waste.

5. Demolition Companies

Demo chutes are compulsory in buildings where demolition projects are going on. This will make disposing of the trash easy and efficient.

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