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Installation Videos

Step 1.

How to install the Window/ Balcony/Roof Anchor for your Construction Chute Column .

Step 2.

How to Install the Winch for your Construction Debris Chute System .

Step 3.

How to create your Construction Debris Chute Columns.

Step 4.

How to connect the Picking Bar to the Construction Debris Chutes.

Step 5.

How to Raise your Construction Debris Chute System using HodChutes Winch .

Step 6.

How to attach the Construction debris chutes to the balcony/roof/window anchor .

Step 7.

Removing the Winch from your Construction Debris Chute System .

Step 8.

Disconnecting the Picking Bar in your Construction Debris Chute System .

Step 9.

Securing the construction debris chute to your anchor .

Step 10.

How to Install the Hopper Chute in your Construction Debris Chute System.

More Videos

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