Installation Videos

HodChutes [Step 1]: How to install the Window/Balcony/Roof Anchor for your Construction Chute Column

HodChutes [Step 2]: How to Install the Winch for your Construction Debris Chute System

HodChutes [Step 3]: How to create your Construction Debris Chute Columns

HodChutes [Step 4]: How to connect the Picking Bar to the Constructin Debris Chutes

HodChutes [Step 5]: How to Raise your Construction Debris Chute System using HodChutes Winch

HodChutes [Step 6]: How to attach the Construction debris chutes to the balcony/roof/window anchor

HodChutes [Step 7]: Removing the Winch from your Construction Debris Chute System

HodChutes [Step 8]: Disconnecting the Picking Bar in your Construction Debris Chute System

HodChutes [Step 9]: Securing the construction debris chute to your anchor

HodChutes [Step 10]: How to Install the Hopper Chute in your Construction Debris Chute System

HodChutes [FYI: Improper Hopper Chute Installation]

HodChutes Assembly: [How to attach the Chain Holders]

HodChutes [FYI: Removing your chutes after stacking]

HodChutes [FYI: Reinforcing Chute Bends]

HodChutes [FYI: REQ for all HC03 Chutes]

HodChutes [FYI: How to attach Chutes to Balcony]


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