HodChutes Dumpster Bag

How It Works

Need a container larger than your normal residential trash bin? No room to fit a heavy, metal roll off dumpster on your jobsite? The HodChutes dumpster bag is compact, flexible and lightweight yet strong enough to hold up to 3,300 lbs of construction, demolition or roofing trash.

Dumpster bags, also known as waste bags, are a convenient alternative to traditional metal dumpsters. They’re portable, collapsible waste containers made from durable materials, designed to hold and transport various types of debris and waste. They also pair perfectly with our HodChutes debris chute system.

They’re often used for small to medium home projects, like renovations or clean-ups, where a full-size dumpster may be unnecessary or unfeasible. Users can buy these bags from home improvement stores, fill them with waste at their convenience, and then schedule a pickup with a waste removal service when ready.


HodChutes dumpster bags are available at online retailers across the US. The HodChutes product comes in a space-saving package for easy storage. Reach out to one of our customer service agents at 909-996-5578 or online at www.hodchutes.com to order your dumpster bag today.


Don’t underestimate our compact packaging. Once you’ve unfolded the dumpster bag, our durable, woven and portable dumpsters can hold an impressive 3,300 pounds of construction debris, roofing material or waste.  Ideal for construction, demolition, renovation, landscaping and home projects.


When your HodChutes bag is full, removal is quick and easy. Connect the heavy duty straps to your lifting device and load onto your pickup vehicle.

Dumpster Bag Measurements

  • 5 ft (30 in.) Height
  • 8 ft (96 in.) Length
  • 4 ft (48 in.) Width

How Much Can Fit Inside a HodChutes Dumpster Bag?

  • 89 sheets of drywall (4′ x 8′, ½” thick)
  • 18 wood or metal wall studs
  • 864 square feet of hardwood flooring (¾” thick)
  • 1,100-1,650 square feet of carpet or tile
  • 38 cubic yards of heavy materials like asphalt, brick, concrete, dirt, rock, sand, sod, or stucco
  • 1,280-1,600 square feet of roofing shingles

HodChutes Dumpster Bag FAQs

Unfold and set up your dumpster bag in just 2 minutes. Start dumping trash and debris from your residential or commercial site today.

Perfect for home remodelers that need something larger than your normal trash service container but don’t require a heavy metal roll off dumpster. Roofers and contractors can use the dumpster chute for jobsites that don’t have easy access

Save time and money on full-size dumpster container rentals by combining our dumpster chute with our HodChutes plastic trash chutes or LightChutes. HodChutes offers a variety of construction debris chute systems that will suit any project size. Order your HodChutes trash chute and place a dumpster bag at the bottom to complete your construction chute system and get started today.

Removing a dumpster bag from your job site typically involves the following steps:

Fill the Bag: Load your dumpster bag with the debris or waste, making sure not to exceed the manufacturer’s specified weight limit. Different bags have different maximum weight capacities, so always double-check. Ensure the waste is evenly distributed in the bag and not piled up on one side.
Secure the Bag: Once filled, secure the bag properly. Most bags have loops or ties that you can use to close them. Ensure the top of the bag is clear of debris for easy pickup.
Schedule a Pickup: Once your bag is ready for disposal, you will need to schedule a pickup with a waste removal service. Some home improvement stores that sell dumpster bags also offer pickup services. You can usually schedule a pickup online or over the phone.
Prepare for Pickup: Make sure the bag is accessible for pickup. The pickup vehicle typically requires a certain amount of clearance to pick up the bag, so remove any obstacles in the vicinity. The company will provide instructions on how to prepare for pickup.
Pickup: The waste removal service will come at the scheduled time to pick up your dumpster bag. They will use a crane or similar equipment to hoist the bag into a truck for disposal.

Remember to follow all regulations and guidelines provided by the waste removal service and the dumpster bag manufacturer. Always ensure that you’re disposing of waste responsibly and in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Dumpster bags and full-size metal dumpsters serve similar purposes – waste collection and disposal – but they each have their advantages depending on the situation.

Here are some reasons why you might choose a dumpster bag over a full-size metal dumpster:

  • Size and Space: Dumpster bags are more compact and flexible, which makes them a great choice for smaller projects or sites with limited space. They can be a more practical solution when a full-sized dumpster would be too large or disruptive.
  • Cost: Dumpster bags are generally cheaper to purchase and have picked up than renting a full-size dumpster, making them a cost-effective choice for smaller or shorter-term projects.
  • Flexibility: Dumpster bags are typically sold in home improvement stores and can be used whenever needed, offering more flexibility. You can buy them ahead of your project and use them at your convenience, then call for pickup when you’re ready.
  • Less Damage: Unlike large metal dumpsters, dumpster bags are less likely to damage your driveway or other surfaces.

However, for larger projects or when a significant amount of waste is expected, full-size metal dumpsters can be more practical and efficient. They can handle much larger volumes of waste without needing to be emptied as frequently. Plus, some types of heavy or bulky waste may not be suitable for dumpster bags.

In the end, the choice between a dumpster bag and a full-size dumpster depends on the specifics of your project, including the amount and type of waste, space availability, duration of the project, and budget.

Construction debris chutes, also known as trash chutes, are used in construction sites to safely and efficiently remove waste and debris from higher floors to a dumpster or collection point at the ground level. Here’s a general step-by-step guide on how to use them:

  • Set Up the Dumpster: Position your dumpster at a location where it’s easily accessible and can safely receive debris. Make sure it’s directly under the chute’s exit point.
  • Assemble the Chute: Chutes are typically made up of multiple sections that can be linked together. Start by attaching the top chute section to a window or other opening of the building. Additional sections should be added until the chute reaches the dumpster.
  • Secure the Chute: Ensure each section is securely fastened to prevent accidents. Many chutes have chains or cables for this purpose. The top should be secured to the building, and the bottom should ideally feed directly into the dumpster to minimize mess.
  • Use the Chute: Debris should be carefully placed into the top of the chute. It’s important never to overload the chute or put in prohibited items.
  • Monitor and Empty Dumpster: Keep an eye on the dumpster to ensure it doesn’t overfill. Arrange for it to be emptied as necessary.
  • Disassemble: Once the project is complete, the chute can be disassembled, cleaned if necessary, and stored for your next project.

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