Plastic Chutes

HodChutes offers the best in the industry when it comes to our double-rotated polyethylene plastic chutes. With multiple plastic chute sizes, we can customize your construction chute columns to your project. Safe and easy to install, our chutes will mount to any structure, roof, parapet wall, window, balcony, or scaffold. Intermediate intake hoppers can be placed anywhere along the plastic chute column to allow trash access from any floor. Designed for use by both general contractors and international construction companies, HodChutes plastic chutes will work for mid and high rise buildings and/or heavy demolition.

Are Plastic Chutes Resilient?

One of the most resilient chutes on the market, our upper rings on each chute add stability and help maintain the shape of your plastic trash chute column. HodChutes sections are tapered and attach quickly and easily using adjustable steel chains. Create plastic chute columns of any desired length. Our debris chute system will funnel trash and debris down to your dumpster. We’ll guide you through the installation process should you need to create a bend or curve in your column depending on garbage bin location.

Our high-quality plastic chutes make debris removal quiet, are easy to transport and stack for easy storage. Our steel chain holders combine with thick steel chains to provide a stable frame for your plastic trash chute column. Depending on your project needs, you can add or remove as needed and build up as you go. There are infinite possibilities with adjustable length and intake hopper openings so you can take your plastic chute column from one project to the next.

Plastic Chute Column Installation

If you need help with installation, we offer 24/7 virtual assistance to guide you each step of the way. Our expert installers come with over 60 years of industry experience. They can provide guidance and direction for you prior to plastic chute use, during use and during dismantling. We also offer a series of short and easy installation videos on our website to guide you from start to finish.

Why use Construction Chutes?

Plastic chutes are a must have when working on any multi-story construction or demolition project. Debris chutes offer a safe way to get roofing material, ceramic, tile, and lumber to your dumpster at street-level. Insert hopper chute openings at any level where you would like to dump trash and debris. Combine with our roof/window/balcony anchors to provide stability.

Plastic Chute Features:

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