8mm Galvanized Steel Chain Link Set


Using an 8mm galvanized steel chain link set with construction debris chutes ensures a secure and reliable connection between chute sections, enhancing the stability and safety of your debris disposal system. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to properly use these chain link sets:

1. Prepare Your Materials

Before starting, ensure you have all necessary materials: the debris chute sections, 8mm galvanized steel chain links, and appropriate safety gear such as gloves and a hard hat.

2. Align the Chute Sections

Position the chute sections so that their connection points align properly. This alignment is crucial for ensuring a secure fit and preventing gaps where debris could escape.

3. Insert the Chain Links

Thread the 8mm galvanized steel chain links through the designated holes or loops on each chute section. Ensure the chains are evenly distributed around the chute to provide balanced support.

4. Secure the Chains

Once the chains are in place, secure them tightly using the appropriate fastening method. Ensure that each chain link is securely fastened to prevent any movement or disconnection during use.

5. Double-Check the Connections

After securing the chains, double-check all connections to ensure they are tight and stable. Inspect each chain link for any signs of weakness or potential failure.

6. Test the Stability

Before beginning debris disposal, test the stability of the entire chute system by gently applying pressure to ensure it remains securely in place. This step helps confirm that the chains and chute sections are properly connected and ready for use.

By following these steps, you can effectively use an 8mm galvanized steel chain link set to secure construction debris chutes, ensuring a safe and efficient debris management system.

Galvanized steel chain link set sold in pairs only. Rust-proof.

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Additional Information:

Favored by roofers, scaffolders, general contractors, and construction enterprises, HodChutes presents the galvanized steel chain link set, crafted for excellence. Our galvanized steel chain link set comes in both 6mm and 8mm thickness. The advanced molding technique ensures unmatched resilience, surpassing other chutes in the industry. Reinforced with upper and lower rings, our system retains its shape, irrespective of its length. The broad 32” diameter promises streamlined and effective debris elimination.

Key Features:

  • Every section stands at about 4′ in height, offering 3′ 1″ of functional chute length.
  • Each section weighs in at 37 lbs, inclusive of chains.
  • Chains undergo heat-treatment and proof testing and are galvanized for longevity.
  • A 32” top opening narrows down to 27” for optimal functionality.

For those seeking a cost-effective option, HodChutes proudly introduces the Best Value Plastic Trash Chutes. Designed with contractors in mind, these chutes are manufactured with the same durable plastic as our other chutes with just a slightly smaller diameter. Check out our woven, polymer LightChute for an even more cost-effective chute for your next project. 

For a complete trash chute solution, initiate with the intake hopper. Next, select the ideal support outrigger based on your needs – be it parapet wall or window, flat roof, pitched roof, or scaffolding. For quick and easy installation, hoist up and dismantle with our manual winch or our robust electric winch. 

HodChutes also offers an array of accessories:

For comprehensive details and setup instructions, refer to HodChutes Installation Videos or contact us.

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  1. What are debris chutes? Debris chutes, also known as trash chutes, facilitate the removal of large amounts of waste from buildings and roofs, directing it into designated containers. Professionals like builders, roofers, masons, and demolition contractors depend on these chutes for safe, quick, and efficient waste disposal.
  2. What distinguishes a disposal chute? A disposal chute, commonly referred to as a garbage chute, is a system that collects waste from individual or selected floors of a building. This system channels the trash to a single collection point. 
  3. What’s meant by “chute opening”? A chute opening, or hopper chute, is the entry point where workers deposit debris. You’ll want to put a hopper chute on any floor where you want to dump trash and debris. Hopper chutes will have a wide mouth and serve as a funnel for trash down to your dumpster bin or receptacle. 
  4. Why does OSHA mandate covered chutes? Per OSHA guidelines, trash chutes are mandatory for disposing of waste from rooftops higher than 20 feet. These chutes need to be firmly attached to the structure to maximize safety for both construction personnel and anyone present in the vicinity.

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