Easy Chute Installation for Simplified Trash Removal

Disposing of construction trash is not as complicated as it seems. Many construction companies end up spending more money on trash removal from job sites by refusing to install construction chutes. OSHA insists that easy chute installation on job sites is a must if at least two stories tall. Although OSHA focuses on employees’ safety, easy chute installation offers additional benefits.

When working at height, it is required that a construction garbage chute is installed for on-the-spot disposal of debris. Without a construction debris chute, employees will move from one floor to another packing debris and pushing the wheelbarrow full of trash. Several dangers are involved in this act, such as:

  1. Higher chances of tripping or falling with the construction debris
  2. Possibility of sustaining debilitating injuries like back injuries
  3. Debris piling up on active work areas, hindering the job progress and endangering employees working there
  4. Workers’ compensation, hospital bills, increased need for premium insurance
  5. Poor company’s image regarding job site and employees’ safety

Additionally, easy chute installation simplifies the process of disposing of construction debris on job sites. Removing trash using construction chutes is easy, safe, and efficient. Below are some of the reasons why easy chute installation simplifies debris removal.

1. Easy Chute Installation Throughout the Floors

Easy chutes will be installed as a single continuous column reaching all the floors in the high-rise building. As a result, employees do not have to pack and move debris from one floor to another – they can dump the trash on each floor.

2. Easy Chute Installation of Hoppers at Each Floor

Hoppers have a slight opening for dumping trash into the chutes. Consequently, the debris on each floor can be packed and disposed of there. To clarify, it is fast, reliable, and safe for everyone.

3. Waste Collection by a Dumpster

The most interesting thing about installing an easy chute is that the generated debris can be collected by a dumpster placed at the opening of the chutes on the ground floor. With a chute dumpster rental, the collected trash will be moved away from the project sites. This makes packing debris, collection, and removal seamless, fast, and efficient.

From the above, it is clear that the installation of an easy chute makes the difference between projects without a proper waste disposal plan and projects with professional dumpster rental. Removing debris is simple with easy chute installation.

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