The Essentials of Trash Chutes Safety

Trash disposal on construction sites is a crucial part of the process, regardless of the size of the project. Usually, construction work, such as new builds, demolition, renovation, and roofing generate a lot of waste or debris, which should be responsibly disposed of. First, the generated trash needs to be moved from the work area into a designated location from where it will be moved to the dump site. This is to ensure that workers do not get injured in an accident with the debris spread all over the ground.

To facilitate easy disposal of debris in the work area, diverse methods were used until the regulatory body specified a safer, easier, and cost-efficient method. It is recommended that light chutes should be used to dispose of construction trash or debris from highrise buildings during construction. With light chutes or debris chutes recommended, construction companies now have a safer means of getting rid of the generated waste.

In view of the above, light chutes have become an indispensable tool in any high-rise building construction. They are unarguably a safety measure and time-saving option on construction sites. And according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), when debris or materials have to drop from at least 20 feet high, trash chutes should be installed outside of the exterior of the building. But considering the height and overall weight of trash chutes for construction, they could pose safety threats if not installed correctly. As a result, we at Hod Chutes focus on the correct and safe installation of debris chutes on construction sites to ensure workers’ safety.

Certain factors must be prioritized to guarantee the safety and eliminate chances of accidents. Here are the essentials of trash chutes safety to keep employees and everyone inside and outside the building.

1. Proper Installation

The safety of employees must be a priority in any construction project. Some workplace injuries that resulted from trash chutes have been linked to debris falling through openings due to the failure to protect chutes’ sides or edges.  In view of this, construction chutes must be correctly installed. Proper installation of trash chutes for construction is crucial to the safety of everyone on a construction site. Consequently, the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions must be followed for setting up and installing debris chutes. For instance, short chutes have a small diameter and are lightweight, making them easy to install against the building’s side. On the other hand, large chutes are heavy and require the use of automatic or manual winch for installation to reduce the chances of back injuries to workers.

2. Seamless and Tight Fitted Installation

Due to the length or height of the construction trash chutes, it is recommended that the chutes should be tight fitted to prevent debris falling through the opening or loose side, unavoidably causing accidents. Besides, debris chutes should be tightly fitted to prevent dust from escaping, and chutes support against the wind.

Moreover, OSHA recommended that if any section of the chutes is at an angle of more than 45 degrees from the horizontal, it should be closed.

3. Guardrail Systems

According to the OSHA safety requirements, a guardrail system should be installed as fall protection for chute opening. The system is expected to withstand at least 200 pounds of outward and downward force and about 42 inches above the working or walking surface on which materials are dumped. Guardrail
systems are parts of the light chutes accessories that must be included in the
overall chutes pricing.

4. Ground Controls

Adequate ground controls should be installed to guarantee workers’ and pedestrians’ safety. Barricade tape,  warning lines, or high visibility ropes with warning signs should be provided at the ground levels to alerts workers and pedestrians of the danger of falling debris or materials. 

Having considered the proper installation guidelines for light chutes, other questions that may come to mind include: “How much do chutes cost?” “What are the prices of chutes?” “What are affordable chute pricing?” And lots more. It has, however, become mandatory for construction companies to integrate the cost of light chutes for debris disposal into them overall construction cost.

Meanwhile, it should be highlighted that light chutes are easier to install and are available at affordable prices. For chute pricing, contact Hod Chutes for different sizes of trash chutes and various prices of chutes. You can also send us a message asking how much do chutes cost to facilitate easy purchase and transportation to the project sites.


All these essential accessories must be installed and all guidelines strictly followed to ensure safety on construction sites. Failure to comply with these guidelines could cause fatal accidents. Paying attention to detail during installation is required for safety. If you need safe and secure trash chute rental and installation, contact us at Hod Chutes today. Our light chutes are best quality on the market and we offer the best chute pricing on the market.

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