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Trash Chutes

HodChutes offers top-quality trash chutes, also known as garbage shoots or trash shoot systems, for your construction project. Looking to buy your next trash chute system? We are among the best trash chute manufacturers in the US, providing multiple easy trash chute designs.

Our trash chutes are specifically designed for temporary use in roofing, construction, demolition, renovation, or new-build projects. With over 60 years of experience in the construction and demolition field, we offer tailored advice and expertise on garbage chute systems.

Trust our durable double-rotated polyethylene plastic trash chute design for a long-lasting garbage chute system. Enhance the durability of your mainframe by pairing our rubbish chutes with customizable steel roof/window/balcony/scaffold anchors and thick steel chains.

Our team will guide you through the setup and installation process, ensuring that curves or bends in the column don’t create kinks in your trash chute. Tailor your trash chute column to meet your site needs and easily dispose of construction trash from any roof, window, or floor.

Trash Chute Pricing

Nevertheless, our trash chutes offer a great alternative to debris removal and save you time and money. In addition, we recognize that debris removal can result in project delays that push back timelines. Comparatively, our trash chute system is built to expedite trash removal and keep your project on schedule.

Wondering “How much is a trash chute rental near me?” What’s more, unsure if you want to buy trash chute systems or scout trash chute rentals? Call today for trash chute rental cost and to see if trash chute rental makes sense for you. Furthermore, our certified installers will take care of the installation and dismantling of your entire temporary trash chute system rental. Moreover, check to see if our garbage chute rentals or dumpster chute rentals are available in your area!

Dumpster Chute Column Installation

If you need help with installation, we offer 24/7 virtual assistance to guide you each step of the way. Our expert installers come with over 60 years of industry experience. For instance, they can provide guidance and direction for you prior to rubbish chute use, during use, and during dismantling. Not to mention, we also offer a series of short and easy installation videos on our website to guide you from start to finish.

Why Use Trash Chutes?

Garbage shoots, also known as trash chutes or debris chutes, are a must-have when working on any multi-story construction or demolition project. Debris chutes offer a safe way to get roofing material, ceramic, tile, and lumber to your dumpster at street level. Insert hopper chute openings at any level where you would like to dump trash and debris. Together with our roof/window/balcony anchors, the trash chutes provide stability to any job site.

Waste Chute Features:

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Low Noise
  • Wide openings
  • Include chains and chain holders
  • Customizable
  • Durable

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