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The construction industry is one of the driving forces behind all developments in the world. Meanwhile, as crucial as construction industry is, it is full of hazards that if well-managed, the hazards will not result in accidents. To mitigate the extent of the hazards in the building construction industry, safety measures are put in place. One of the regulated aspects of the construction industry is the disposal of construction trash or debris.

OSHA unavoidably showed intervened and regulated how construction trash should be disposed of at construction sites. The body mandated that dumping refuse or debris from height should be done through debris chutes. Consequently, the installation of light chutes is compulsory for construction trash disposal when working on a minimum of 20 feet high. Debris should not be dumped outside to the ground floor, except into the chutes.

In view of the above, Hod Chutes provides high-quality, strong, and efficient trash chutes for construction companies  for quick and safe debris disposal. We are your go-to company for trash chute rental and light chutes sales to keep you ur project sites accident-free. We provide construction companies, whether you are into new builds, refurbishment, demolition, or roofing. Our light chutes and construction debris chutes are top-quality and durable, specially made for construction.

Meanwhile, the activities of industries are regulated to ensure quality, consistency, safety, and customer satisfaction. This responsibility must be carried out in all industries, irrespective of their country – they must be adequately regulated. International standards help regulate all industries and create a level playing ground for them. The body that is responsible for this duty globally is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

What is the ISO Certification?

ISO Certification certifies that a manufacturing process, service, or documentation meets all the standardization and quality requirements. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a non-governmental and independent international organization that develops and upholds standards, quality, and safety.

ISO certifications cut across all sectors and industries to maintain quality, standards, and safety. Each ISO certification covers and states a particular requirement that is satisfied.

What is an ISO-Certified Company?

An ISO-Certified company is an independent and non-governmental company issued an ISO Certificate of quality and trust by the ISO attesting to the company’s consistency, quality, safety, and efficiency. ISO-certified companies recognize and follow international standards and maintain cutting-edge technology.

Benefits of ISO Certification to Customers

It is good to know that a body (ISO) cares about quality, safety, and efficiency. This helps to regulate the activities of the company. When a company is ISO-Certified, it assures customers of the company’s commitment to the highest quality possible, which boosts their confidence.

1. Consistency in the Level of Quality

The first benefit that ISO certification does is that it assures customers that its quality or service is topnotch. Customers are assured of the fact that the level of quality is consistent throughout.

2. Trustworthiness

Another benefit of ISO Certification of companies is that it makes customers trust that company. ISO brings everyone together. It allows customers to trust companies and their products or services.

3. Customer Experience

ISO-certified companies usually focus on customer experience and satisfaction. This gives people the confidence to have a business relationship with certified companies since their satisfaction will be prioritized.

We are ISO-Certified!

As one of the leading companies, Hod Chutes’ priority is to maintain high quality, safety, efficiency, and satisfaction regardless of the circumstances. We assure you of top-of-the-line trash chutes that will simplify the disposal of debris chutes. You can trust our products for reliability, safety, and the bet performance possible. Get in contact with us for high-quality trash chutes rental. At Hod Chutes, we are ISO-certified and provide our customers with the best experience possible.

We have an extensive collection of debris chutes targeted at helping construction companies dispose of their generated trash responsibly and safely. Our products include light chutes, construction trash chutes, guardrails, and all related accessories meant to keep light chutes safe and secure whether on the roof, balcony, or scaffolding. All our products guarantee safety and performance. 

At HodChutes, we pay attention to detail and give our best to each product. Each unit in our products undergoes rigorous test to ensure stability, resilience, strengh, durability, and the industry standard. When you purchase our light chutes and other products, you are assured of the best experience possible. 

We are a trusted and reliable company with an excellent reputation for the highest quality possible. As an ISO-certified company, we comply with all regulations regarding quality and standard to ensure best performance, efficiency and durability. Contact us for the latest prices of chutes and accessories. Request our catalog for different products and chute pricing to help you make an informed decision. 

If you are asking “How much do chutes cost?” explore our products page to view an extensive collection of light debris chutes and other products for your needs. 

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