What are the benefits of scaffold outrigger to the installation of roofing chutes?

When installing construction chutes, it is essential to ensure that the chutes are installed safely and well secured to prevent the garbage chute for construction from collapsing when in use. As a result, when working on a high-rise building and you want to install roofing chutes on scaffolding, you need a foolproof system to support the chutes, scaffold outriggers come in.

Scaffold outriggers, also known as side-wall, side-arm, or stand-off brackets, are structural support, beams, or thrustouts that standoff from the scaffold to provide a surface for hanging roofing chutes. Installing roofing chutes for seamless refuse disposal from the scaffolding platform may have faced some difficulties but for scaffold outriggers that make the installation easy and safe.

The following are the benefits of scaffold outriggers:

1. Easy Installation of Roofing Chutes

Installing roofing chutes has never been easier with scaffold outriggers. Scaffold outriggers are thrustouts on which construction trash chutes are installed. Scaffold outriggers provide a platform for installing roofing chutes easily on the scaffolding. Like when installing debris chutes on the roof, balcony, window, or parapet, the anchors of the roofing chutes will be installed on the scaffold outriggers and protected against slipping. A manual or automatic scaffold outrigger winch will be placed on the anchor for the needed support when the chutes are being lifted from the ground. The connection of the construction trash chutes can be carried out on the ground and connected to the winch for full installation on the scaffolding.

2. Improved Roofing Chutes’ Safety

Scaffold outriggers provide adequate support that roofing chutes or construction trash chutes need to be firmly secured to the scaffolding. This results in improved safety of the chutes and the chute system will be prevented from collapsing when in use. This is important because safety is one of the reasons OSHA recommended the use of construction debris chutes.

3. Seamless Disposal of Construction Debris

Scaffold outriggers allowing roofing chutes to be installed and safeguarded make disposal of construction debris or trash easy, seamless, and safe. Employees will not need to get down from the scaffolding to dump trash or throw debris down from the scaffolding, which can threaten the safety of employees or passersby. Roofing chutes enable employees to complete tasks faster.


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