What are the different ways of installing construction trash chutes?

The impact of construction trash chutes in any construction project cannot be overemphasized. In addition to making the project sites safe, employees are also protected against accidents that can result from job hazards. It is noteworthy to state that only garbage chute for construction that is properly installed can provide the benefits mentioned and achieve the goals of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). As a result, proper measures must be put in place to ensure that construction chutes are installed correctly and protected against collapsing while in use.

There are four primary ways of installing construction trash chutes: window mount, bolt down, scaffold outrigger or hoist, and roof hoist. Each method of installing debris chutes must be perfected and confirmed safe for use on project sites, considering the overall weight of the chutes and the expected working load of the chutes to guarantee safety. Meanwhile, each method of installing construction chutes is discussed extensively below:

1. Window Mount

A garbage chute for construction can be installed on a window to allow employees to dump trash directly into the chutes. However, installing construction trash chutes on a window requires using certain accessories to guarantee the safe installation of the chutes. Outriggers are an essential accessory required for mounting construction chutes on a window safely.

2. Bolt Down

Another way of installing construction chutes is by using bolt down. The equipment allows a construction debris chute to be installed on floor slabs, flat roofs, and window openings. It is usually secured to the floor with a set of counterweights or two anchor bolts. This provides the debris chute solid support to rely on for stability and safety during use.

3. Scaffold Outrigger or Hoist

Besides mounting on the window or using the bolt-down support, roofing cute can also be installed on scaffolding using hoist or scaffold outriggers. Scaffold outriggers are thrustouts or beams on which debris chutes can be hoisted easily and safely. When you are working on scaffolding, using a construction trash chute is much easier with a scaffold outrigger or hoist.

4. Roof Hoist

When you need to install a roofing chute on a roof or through a window opening, using a roof hoist comes in handy and most suitable. A roof hoist can support heavy-duty trash chutes without any structural or safety issues. The roofer hoist can be secured to the deck using a set of counterweights or with four anchor bolts.


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