Why is scaffolding crucial to the construction industry?


Over the years, the use of scaffolds in the construction industry has evolved and remained very crucial. It is not new that construction workers rely on the scaffold when working on a high-rise structure, whether new builds, renovations, or demolitions. Scaffolding is unarguably indispensable for any class of construction work.
According to OSHA’s standard regulations for Construction Industry (29 CFR 1926.450b), scaffolding refers to “any temporary elevated platform,” whether suspended or supported, and its entire “supporting structure (including points of anchorage), used for supporting employees or materials or both.” In view of the above, it is safe to say that scaffolding is required for all types of construction works, except when working on a structure lower than the human height.
Meanwhile, read further to understand how scaffolding is crucial to the construction industry when working on residential or commercial buildings.

1. Access

Getting access to construction projects of great heights can be challenging without a raised safe platform. Without support, construction industry employees are faced with limited access to different parts of the building being worked on. But with scaffolding, employees can reach all the areas they have been struggling to reach. It becomes more flexible and easier to get the construction tasks done without hassles with scaffolding, whether made with wood, metal, or fiberglass. Scaffolding can be constructed in a way to allow free movement of employees, vehicles, materials, and pedestrians by being constructed around the building’s perimeter.

2. Safety

According to OSHA regulation, employees should be provided with scaffolding when working on great heights, and the scaffold must be secured to guarantee the employees’ safety. Working on an elevated platform that is well constructed assured employees of safety. Scaffolding offers safety, which every employee desires. Ladders alone cannot be relied on for large-scale construction work – employees need to be sure of their safety and protection from falling. In addition, scaffolding barriers protect employees and catch loose waste; thus, making the working environment safe.

3. Efficiency

Scaffolding enables employees to work on structures at great heights and gives them the best position possible to work on outdoor spaces, ceilings, walls, windows, etc. And with the assurance of safety, employees can work with peace of mind and focus on their tasks. As a result, their efficiency is enhanced because they can maneuver easily and work effectively.


HodChutes offers top-of-the-line scaffolding to provide access and make employees safe when working on great heights. When you are looking for scaffolding rental for your project, contact us immediately. We assure you of the best quality scaffolding that meets the industry standard, according to OSHA.

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