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Window, roof, balcony or scaffold anchors are a great invention made to install and secure debris chute columns. Use the anchors in renovations on high-rise buildings or in active construction site projects. Our anchors are installed with lifting devices.  These lifting devices promote smooth and faster movement between floors.

HodChutes offers top quality steel anchors to facilitate the process. There are 2 types of anchors, namely: window/balcony/roof anchors and scaffolding anchors. Window/balcony/roof anchors are installed at these construction site touch points and serve to support the debris chute columns.

Whether you’re attaching to a residential or commercial building, we’ll work with your team to provide the right anchors, attachments and quantities. Our virtual installation team sends photos, videos and customized guides to simplify set up. 

Window, Roof, Balcony or Scaffold Anchors 

With our anchor secured columns, workers can safely and easily dispose of building trash and debris at the construction site. We realize that construction sites often have scaffolding onsite. For that reason,we offer a unique scaffolding anchor that anchors to the floor or building. The scaffold anchor provides extra anchor arm length for increased stability and jobsite safety. The scaffolding anchor in no way interferes with the integrity of the scaffolding. Instead, it instead offers an alternative support option for your debris chute column system.

The number of anchors that you’ll need will depend on how many floors you are dumping trash and debris from. You’ll also need to account for the distance from the garbage bin to the bottom of your trash chute. All things considered, on multi-floor buildings, we recommend anchors on every other floor. If you have less intake hopper chutes in your column, we recommend an anchor every 10 feet. In any event, you’ll want to chose the appropriate anchor attachment. To summarize, we offer for every set up including multiple clamp on and drill down options.