Construction Debris Chute Safety When Working on Scaffolding?

Although construction trash chutes offer several benefits to all kinds of construction works taking place at heights, they also have potential safety risks to employees working on scaffolding. Of course, OSHA’s (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirement that a garbage chute for construction must be installed whenever debris or trash will be dropped from at least 20 feet high to any point outside the exterior walls of the building. Moreover, install chutes where construction work is going on cannot be overlooked. However, construction companies must ensure the safety of the installed debris chutes to protect employees, especially those working on scaffolding. By installing chutes safely on scaffolding, it becomes easy to keep everyone safe on and around the scaffolding.

Construction Debris Chute Safety You Should Follow

It is expected that the scaffolding installation follows the safety guidelines provided by OSHA. The situation becomes more demanding when construction chutes are installed on the scaffolding for seamless trash disposal and employees are working on the platform and around the scaffolding on the ground level. So, what danger does install construction chutes pose to employees working on scaffolding?

Answer: The major danger that installed debris chutes pose to employees working on and around scaffolding is the chute’s disintegration. In situations safety precautions are not followed, there are high chances that construction trash chutes will collapse or disintegrate. To clarify, some of the several factors that can cause construction chutes to collapse include:

1. Failure to Protect Chutes’ Edges or Sides

Solution: OSHA recommends that all cutes must be tight-fitted at the openings, edges, or sides to prevent falling trash from falling through the openings. A guardrail system must be installed at the opening. Proper installation guidelines provided by the manufacturer must be followed.

2. The Use of An Inappropriate Chute Type

Solution: Match the chute type with the project’s trash disposal needs to avoid issues. There are short and large chutes with the former having a smaller diameter than the latter. There are specifications of what each type of chute can handle to ensure safety; read the manufacturer’s installation guide.

3. Construction Debris Chute Safety: Exceeding Weight Limit

Solution: OSHA recommends that construction trash chutes must be secured and capable of withstanding about 200 pounds of outward and downward force. For instance, ensure to install the right chute system and keep within the weight limit as specified by the manufacturer.

4. Lack of Proper Guardrail System

Solution: Adequate guardrail systems and ground control must be installed to protect the debris chute and the employees and other pedestrians around the scaffolding. Abide by OSHA’s installation guidelines and manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid accidents.


The safety of the construction trash chutes is crucial to the employees’ safety working on scaffolding. For example, it will help ensure that chutes are secured and protected against collapsing to guarantee employees’ safety on the scaffolding. Follow the tips above.

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