Installation Videos

Step 1.

How to install the Window/ Balcony/Roof Anchor for your Construction Chute Column.

Position the anchor at the chosen installation site and use a marker to outline the exact locations for the drill holes. Ensure the anchor is level and aligned correctly to maintain stability and security. Accurate marking is essential to ensure the bolts fit properly, providing a secure attachment for the construction chute column.

Step 2.

How to Install the Winch for your Construction Debris Chute System.

Mount the winch onto the pre-installed bracket according to the previous instructions. Ensure all connections are secure and the winch is aligned correctly. Double-check that the winch is firmly attached and stable. Once installed, test the winch with a small load to confirm smooth and safe operation. Make necessary adjustments for optimal performance.


Step 3.

How to create your Construction Debris Chute Columns.

To create construction debris chute columns, connect individual chute sections using the provided chains. Align each section, ensuring a secure fit, then attach the chains to the designated points on each chute. Tighten the chains to ensure stability and prevent movement. Repeat this process for all sections to form a continuous debris chute column.

Step 4.

How to connect the Picking Bar to the Construction Debris Chutes.

Align the picking bar with the designated connection points on the debris chute sections. Securely attach the picking bar by connecting the shackels to the chain links. Ensure all connections are tight and stable, providing strong support for lifting and maneuvering the chute sections. Double-check for any looseness before using the system.

Step 5.

How to Raise your Construction Debris Chute System using HodChutes Winch .

Attach the HodChutes winch to the secured mounting bracket. Connect the winch cable to the top section of the chute system. Gradually raise the chute by operating the winch, ensuring each section aligns properly. Secure each section as it reaches the desired height, and verify stability and alignment throughout the raising process.

Step 6.

How to attach the Construction debris chutes to the balcony/roof/window anchor .

Position the debris chute section near the anchor point. Secure the chute to the anchor by attaching the provided chains or straps to the designated anchor points. Tighten all connections to ensure the chute is firmly attached and stable. Double-check for stability and alignment before beginning debris disposal operations.

Step 7.

Removing the Winch from your Construction Debris Chute System .

Begin by ensuring the winch is not under load and the debris chute system is stable. Detach the winch cable from the top section of the chute. Carefully loosen and remove the shackels securing the winch to the mounting bracket. Once detached, lower the winch safely and store it properly for future use.

Step 8.

Disconnecting the Picking Bar in your Construction Debris Chute System .

Ensure the debris chute system is stable and not under load. Loosen and remove the shackels or fasteners securing the picking bar to the chute sections. Carefully detach the picking bar from the chute. Store the picking bar and any removed hardware in a safe place for future use.

Step 9.

Securing the construction debris chute to your anchor .

Align the debris chute with the anchor point on the balcony, roof, or window. Use the provided chains or straps to connect the chute to the anchor securely. Tighten all connections to ensure stability and prevent movement. Double-check all attachment points to confirm the chute is firmly secured and ready for safe debris disposal.

Step 10.

How to Install the Hopper Chute in your Construction Debris Chute System.

Position the hopper chute at the desired entry point of the debris chute system. Align it with the adjoining chute section. Secure the hopper chute by attaching the provided chains or fasteners to the designated points. Ensure all connections are tight and stable. Double-check for proper alignment and stability before beginning debris disposal operations


The construction debris chute installation videos serve as a guide. Please note the following warnings as you assemble your chute system.

  • The installation and use of a HodChutes Debris Chute System involve working at heights, managing suspended loads of considerable weight, and handling falling debris. Improper installation, use, or maintenance of this product can result in serious injury or death, as debris may fall out. To prevent injury, ensure the area below the chute is cordoned off and kept clear of people.
  • Do not create a blockage hazard. Choose a location that will allow the column to hang vertically and not create sharp bends or constrict the chute in any way.
  • If the lifting device is overloaded, it could fail, causing the chute system to collapse. A falling chute system can result in serious injury or death. Do not overload the lifting device.
  • Plastic chute sections and debris in the roll-off container can catch fire. Any chute, even those made from fire-resistant materials, can quickly propagate fire and smoke throughout the building.
  • If the chute is attached to scaffold or similar structure and a blockage occurs, the additional weight could cause the structure to fail. The support structure must be able to hold at leat 5x the weight of the chute in addition to men, machinery and equipment. 
  • Do not stand near the chute or hold the chute. Maintain a distance of at least 30ft between people on the ground and the chute. Ground workers must wear hard hats. Do not  place any limbs between the chute sections. 
  • Certain factors can lessen the chain load capability. Examples include twisting the chains, strain usage, weathering, heat and corrosion, dumping too heavy of a load too quickly. A weakened chain assembly can cause the chtue to collapse. Do not weld near the chute and do not cause kinks in the chain. Do not overload the chute. 

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