Lifting Devices

Post-construction debris removal and column installation is a time-consuming task for workers. In addition, manual chute column removal and installation can be tedious and cumbersome. As a result, we offer a variety of winches for your convenience. Above all, save precious time using Hod Chutes lifting devices for debris chutes.
We offer two types of lifting devices:

Manual Winch: Use our manual winch for intermittent debris chute installation and removal. It’s great for chute column systems that require limited site movement. Use this when you’re ready to hoist up your chute columns and again, when you’re ready to dismantle. Equally important, it conveniently allows column installation on the upper floors and in areas without electricity. The steel-plated manual winch includes a clutch knob with gears for efficient, easy cranking.

Electric Winch: Use our electric winch for frequent installations and removal. For the automated lifting device, the electric winch connects with a remote control that allows the columns to be lifted instantly. By changing the settings, you can also lift heavy debris directly using the lifting device. Our high-performance electric winch has a plated steel design for long lasting, repeated use.

Lifting Devices for Debris Chutes: Pros and Cons

Both of these have advantages and disadvantages. You’ll want to compare the pros and cons of the lifting devices for debris chutes to see which one suites your needs. Winching can be dangerous work so ensure you have proper training prior to use. An electric winch offers dynamic and efficient power in contrast to your hand/manual winch. Manual winches are often better for small work loads or infrequent chute column movement.

Let’s look at some of the pros of both manual and electric winches. Manual winches are easier to work with, light, and can lift up to thousands of pounds with little effort. They’re also great for worksites that have little to no electricity with less time. We recommend you purchase an electric winch with 1.5x more weight. When the lifting weight exceeds the winch capacity, the winch may fail.

Still unsure which might work better for your particular project? Contact us and we’ll help determine which winch is best suited to your needs.

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