Metal Chains

We provide metal chains to hold your debris chute column together. Chains are a vital part of the column system and above all, provide column support. Made of high-quality galvanized steel, these metal chains will undoubtedly reinforce your chute columns. Additionally, the chains will prevent chute column movement at open construction or renovation sites such as an educational institution, corporate office, or hospital.

Similarly, attach them at residential or commercial sites by anchor bolting the chains directly into the roof or windowsill. On a railing balcony, you can loop the steel chains through the railing and secure the column this way. The metal chains come pre-cut the length of the chute so you don’t need to worry about measuring or cutting. You’ll be able to loop the chains over the anchor. Next, chain your way down the column, attaching the chutes as you work your way down. The chains and chain holders work together to support the load capacity so be sure to install this correctly. The chutes will not break if you assemble the anchors, chain holders and steel chains correctly. 

Why Steel Chains are Essential

Chains will establish a strong grip between chutes creating one, long reinforced column from top to bottom. Firstly, our chains are securely connected to each chute by galvanized metal chain holders. Secondly, their firm grip creates a reinforced chute column that makes for easy post-construction / renovation debris removal. Thirdly, our chute columns are reinforced with window / balcony /scaffolding anchors. At the same time, this combination ensures a locked grip to prevent unwanted accidents. 

The 6mm and 8mm steel chains are durable to support any length of chute column so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your workers or pedestrians. 

We offer a variety of chain lengths and thicknesses for your chute column systemContact us today to learn more!

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