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Construction Trash Chute FAQ from HodChutes Customers

New customers contact us regularly for custom quotes and questions regarding installation, durability, and availability on our construction trash chute systems. We’ve compiled some of our construction trash chute FAQ along with links to helpful information. We look forward to working with you from beginning to end with your cosntruction debris chute system!

How Easy it is to Install the Construction Chute System?

HodChutes Systems are very easy to install and depending on how efficient your team is, you can install up to 150’ or 50m in roughly 1-1.5 hours. We have put together a series of ten, one minute, installation videos to walk you through the installation process.

We also have a 24/7 virtual installation video team that you can call to send photos/videos/questions to that will offer guidance and custom direction to your team. Installing the debris chute system is as easy as assembling Legos! A call with our customer service team will walk you through the product catalog to show you how to customize your trash chute system.

Construction Trash Chute FAQ: How Durable are the Chutes?

Our demo chutes and roofing chutes are made of 4mm-8mm thick polyethylene plastic. Thickness variation can occur when fabricating the trash chutes with rotational molding. With over 20 years in the industry, we manufacture the best and most durable demolition chutes on the market.

We’ve built the chutes to withstand concrete chunks, roofing material, furniture, wood beams, and broken down metal. With proper installation, our chutes can be reused from project to project saving you time and money. Check out our durability test to see just how much our trash chutes can handle.

How Far Away can I put the Dumpster or Dump Truck?

We always recommend putting the garbage bin or dumpster directly underneath the trash chute column whenever possible. This is the safest set up for the trash chute and you risk the least amount of damage to the chutes. We recognize this is not always possible so if you do need to curve the construction chute column, make sure to support the bend in the column.

You want the debris chute column to be installed like a slide rather than like a sharp “L” curve. For 30-40ft, we recommend putting the garbage within 5ft. For 60’+, you can put the garbage 10-15’ away. The longer the length of the trash chute column, the further away you can place the garbage dumpster.

If you must go outside of these recommended distances, you’ll need to support the bend in the column. You can either use scaffold or wooden beams to lift the bend of the column up so it’s more like a slide.

Again, we do not recommend going outside of the recommended garbage bin distance because you do risk damage to the debris chute system. Without additional support at the bend, dumping heavy trash and debris down the column can result in clogs and repeated pressure at the bend resulting in trash chute punctures.

Will my Quote include Everything I Need to Start Dumping Construction Debris?

We customize the quote after having a conversation with you to understand your construction trash chute needs. We ask the following to give you the most accurate quote to ensure you have everything you’ll need to install and get started immediately after receiving your order:

  • When will you need your debris chute system by? We can ship all across the US and Canada within 5 business days and your order is sent out the same day or next once payment is received.
  • What is the height of your project? This will allow our team to provide you the number of trash chutes needed depending on the number of feet or meters your project is.
  • What will you be dumping down the construction trash chutes? We offer several different sizes and materials of construction trash chutes so once we know what you’ll be dumping, we can recommend the right product. We’ll recommend the appropriate trash chute and work with any budget!
  • Which floors will you be dumping trash from? This allows us to provide you the correct number of Hopper Chutes. Our hoppers create openings in the columns and allow you to dump from the roof and intermediary floors if needed.
  • Are you anchoring from a roof/window/balcony? We’ll provide the corresponding steel anchor to anchor your system to any set up. We have both clamp and drill down anchor attachments which makes it easy to install.
  • Will you need a winch to hoist the column up from the ground or do you have a pulley or crane onsite? Depending on your height need, you might need a HodChutes winch to hoist and dismantle your construction trash chute system. If you have your own pulley, crane, or lift onsite, you don’t necessarily need to purchase the winch.
  • What is the zip code of where you would like the chutes to be sent? This will provide you the most accurate shipping quote and provide you LTL travel time. We regularly run routes across the US in 5 days or less so we can typically accommodate quick turnaround times.

Now we have everything to get your custom quote to you! Our estimating team prides itself on same- day quotes and we can usually get a quote to you within 30 minutes. We’ll send it to you via email and will follow up with a text message or email to ensure you received it.

Construction Trash Chute FAQ: How Long Will it Take to Receive My Construction Chute Order?

Once your payment is processed, our accounting department pushes your order to the warehouse for fulfillment. We will pallet your order the same day or the next business day depending on when payment is received and put it onto an LTL freight truck the same day.

We’ll be able to send tracking information within 24 hours so you can follow your order. If you don’t have a dock or forklift when your order arrives, we can send your order on a truck with a lift gate. Once it arrives, be sure to check that all items have arrived before signing off on the truck delivery.

Which HodChutes Products Will Work for my Trash Chute Needs?

HodChutes offers a variety of trash and debris chutes. We recommend taking a look at the breakdown below and seeing which of our products will best suit your needs. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to a customer service representative who can discuss your specific needs.

1) LightChute- This debris chute product comes in 10’ sections and is made of durable polymer material. This debris and roofing chute is meant for light to medium trash and debris. It’s great for homeowners, factories, or contractors looking to remove trash easily from multi-story units or roofs.

2) Medium Construction Trash Chutes- This debris chute system is great for contractors looking to dump construction trash, demolition debris, or roofing material from 2nd floors up. These are also a great option for people dumping from either a roof or floor level above 10 floors because they are light and easy to assemble. Should clogs occur, it’s also quicker to clear the trash and debris than in larger sized chutes. Our medium sized chutes are the also most cost effective of our polyethylene plastic chutes.

3) Large Construction Trash Chutes- This debris chute system is the most robust and largest size we offer. If you are looking to dump larger sized trash and debris quickly, you’ll want to go with this option. You’ll save time in breaking down debris and focus on removing the trash and debris with as little extra work as possible. No matter the height, our larger chutes are the perfect size and are the safest on the market in terms of installation and clog removal should it occur. There are many factors to account for when considering size but safety and use is our #1 priority.

We hope that this customer approved construction trash chute FAQ proved useful for you! You can always contact us at (909) 996-5578 to get your custom quote and ask any questions you might have regarding our construction trash chute system.



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