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HodChutes is one of the leading providers of high-quality chutes for construction projects. Construction chutes are essential apparatuses in construction projects, especially if you are working on a high building. This is in compliance with the OSHA regulations and for the safety of workers.

However, placing debris chutes involves using different tools for convenience and safety and to guarantee the efficient performance of the construction chutes. We offer comprehensive services from A to Z, all required for the perfect installation of chutes in your project site. At HodChutes, we provide the following products:


Debris chutes are essential equipment for trash disposal in high-rise construction projects aimed are giving the best experience. Chutes are crucial equipment required by OSHA to ensure the safety of workers when disposing of trash on-site. Trash chutes are big columns placed on a high-rise building wall to facilitate easy and safe removal of debris from the workplace. 

Contact HodChutes for first-rate debris chutes that will fast-track your project and keep your workers safe.


Hoppers are chutes’ apparatuses that serve as openings for the debris chutes. Hoppers provide access to the chutes’ columns for disposing of trash. They are usually installed at each floor to enable workers to throw debris down the chutes’ columns. They are typically installed at the roof, window, balcony, or floor levels to prevent workers from the hassles of accessing the debris chutes. They are primarily installed where openings are needed. Hoppers serve as an extension of the chutes, providing openings for dumping the trash.

HodChutes is your reliable construction chutes’ company. Feel free to contact us for the top-of-the-line installation process. We assure you of the performance. 


Chutes installation require anchors. Anchors are designed for installing and securing trash chutes columns in construction sites or high-rise buildings. The engineer will install anchors along with lifting devices to enable smooth and quick movement between floors. Anchors are crucial to both installation and securing debris chutes.

Hod Chutes offers both scaffolding anchors and roof, window, or balcony anchors. We guarantee the best quality possible. The top performance, efficiency, and safety of your debris chutes are our priority. Contact us for anchors that ensure safety.


Winches are lifting equipment for installing trash chutes for construction. They provide total control over the chutes’ columns during installation. Winches make lifting, setting, and installing debris chutes easy and safe for everyone. Winches are primarily put in place for raising and lowering chutes’ columns for installation. 

Winches are a support system for trash chutes and must be on the ground for the safe installation of debris chutes. At HodChutes, we provide top-quality winches for safe installation

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