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Who’s HodChutes? We’re a company focused on helping builders effectively dispose of trash and debris accumulated during construction or renovation demolition. This can include common construction debris such as bricks, cement, sheets of rock, and shards of glass.

Harmful debris should be removed as soon as possible both for health reasons and to avoid physical injury from residents and workers. Exposed trash poses a health hazard as it pollutes the air and can sometimes generate toxic odors. So how do we tackle your construction debris problem?

Debris chute columns are made up of plastic cylinders that join together to form a chain so trash can easily slide down them from any floor, balcony or roof to your designated receptacle. 

Our hopper chutes placed at the top opening of the column and intermittently on floors allow easy access for construction works to funnel trash directly down to a suitable waste container, such as a garbage container. 

Why choose Meet  HodChutes? As with every product you invest in, you want the job of professionals in the specific field to be related to the product.

At HodChutes, we are the masters of the construction debris chute industry. For over 20 years, we have been serving builders and renovators worldwide to effectively dispose of their trash and debris. After years of market research, we realized that many companies were not providing the right quality for their customers. We wanted to offer you, our customers, customized debris chute options because we know that one size doesn’t fit all. 

We learned that debris chute columns made of polyethylene are the most optimal as they are strong and durable even in the most adverse weather conditions. Our debris chutes are manufactured specifically in Italy according to the highest European safety standards. We pride ourselves on friendly and professional service, and we adjust our debris column recommendation based on the demands of the specific project in question. We have mastered the art of presenting customers with the best combination of quality and courtesy. Our goal is to keep customers from thinking about how to deal with distracting problems like trash and debris and direct your energy towards the actual project.

Feel free to contact HodChutes with any questions or concerns you have regarding our products and services. We will be more than happy to help you. 


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