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At Hod Chutes, we manufacture the highest quality construction chutes and Accessories. We absolutely believe you should not have to compromise on high quality and long-lasting durability. Most importantly, price shouldn’t mean a trade-off in product quality. Together, we bring you the highest quality trash and debris chute systems available on the market. In addition, we offer a variety of custom sizes and shapes that allow for quick and easy project cleanup.

Hopper Chutes

Create openings in your construction chute column from a roof, window, balcony or scaffold.

Lifting Devices

Easily install and dismantle your demolition trash chute system with our manual and electric winches.

Metallic Chain

Seamlessly connect your waste chutes with our galvanized, rust proof steel chains.

Chain holder

Our metal chain and galvanized, rust-proof steel chain holder duo securely support your garbage chute column.

Debris Chutes

Highest quality Debris Chutes in the Market. Quickly and easily remove construction, demo or new build debris into our garbage chutes. Available in multiple sizes.


Our steel Window/Roof/Balcony/Scaffold anchors serve as support brackets for your debris chute columns.

Winch Picking Bar

Pair with a winch or crane to swiftly hoist the garbage chute system from ground to roof.

Protective Liner

Extend the life of your chutes with an additional layer of thickness. Use these to absorb heavy or sharp debris impact or where slight bends occur.


Reach new heights of safety. Get the right scaffolding for your project.


Combine with our debris chute systems to prolong the life of your chute column and keep your worksite clean.


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