Understanding What Construction Chutes Can Handle: A Comprehensive Guide

Construction trash chutes are used for different types of construction works. They are designed to make construction employees safe and improve efficiency at project sites. According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration, if you need to dump something to the outside to the ground from at least 20 feet high, you must install construction trash chutes. 

Meanwhile, it is crucial to buy debris chutes that are versatile and can handle different kinds of materials without bursting or getting damaged. At HodChutes, we offer durable and strong construction chutes that can withstand the impact of the trash dumped and handle all construction debris without hassles. Here are the materials the construction chutes can handle: 

  1. Bricks

During a demolition project, several components of the house will be demolished and one of them that will go down through the chutes are bricks. It is good to know that debris chutes can handle the impact of bricks thrown into them. Meanwhile, the bricks must be broken to allow for easy passage in the chutes to avoid clogging or blocking the chutes.

  1. Timber

If you want to dispose of timber during your construction project, do not hesitate to install a debris chute, timber can be dumped in the construction debris chute. The only challenge is that the timber must be chopped into bits so that it can pass through the chutes’ chambers easily.

  1. Plaster

If you are handling a demolition project, you unavoidably have to remove plasters, which can be challenging to dispose of due to their weight. However, HodChutes manufactured construction chutes that can withstand the impact of the construction plastering materials. 

  1. Tiles 

Tiles are another type of material you can dump in the debris chutes. Tiles used for the floors, walls, counters and lots more can be thrown in the chutes when removed from the installed home items and materials. 

  1. Concrete 

Concrete is one of the most popular materials in construction. When you have to dispose of concrete from a high floor, you can get it down to the dumpster via the construction trash chutes. You only have to make sure that the concrete has been broken down to prevent it from blocking the chutes and causing the chutes to collapse when debris has accumulated and increased the chutes’ weight halfway.


The above are the materials that can be dumped into the debris chutes. However, you must purchase high-grade trash chutes offered by HodChutes for the best results possible. For a superior quality construction trash chute near me, get in touch with us at HodChutes today.

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