The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic linger on, with over 1 million deaths recorded worldwide. The pandemic is trying to defy all measures to contain it. Right now, several deadly variants of the deadly coronavirus have been discovered. And regardless of diverse vaccines being given, the virus continues to mutate unabated. However, prevention continues to be the best cure feasible to combat deadly infectious diseases. As a results, everybody must be actively involved in dealing with the deadly virus to put a final end to it as soon as possible. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) aiming to minimize and reduce the rate of infection among construction workers issued guidelines to govern the work area management. OSHA mandates all construction employers to comply with the guidelines or face penalties ranging from $9,472 to $134,937. The main focuses of the guidelines include using safety protection and workplace social distancing. While construction companies are meant to provide emplyees with essential items to protect themselves from contracting the dangerous viruses, they are also expected to put tools or equipment that can facilitate physical distancing at work. 

The OSHA instructs construction employers to carry out a job hazard analysis including the COVID-19 hazards to determine if the task requires close contact between workers, increasing the risk of spreading the coronavirus among them. The guidelines recommend only one worker per 6 feet for indoor work. Social distancing must be maintained.

Rigorous cleaning and sanitation must be carried out by construction employers and visitors should be prohibited from the site. All construction work must be carried out in full compliance with the industry best practices for physical distancing guidelines for construction sites.

It is typical of all construction projects to involve junks or debris, which usually involves cleaning by some workers. Installing a debris chute in construction sites will undoubtedly help in complying with the OSHA’s guidelines and preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Only newbies would ask what is a debris chute; construction employers understand the need for installing construction debris chutes even before the onset of the deadly COVID-19.

Installing LightChutes is one of the most effective ways to reduce physical contact on sites. With LightChutes, construction companies can assign cleaners to each floor and ensure that they are properly spaced. The installed LightChutes will undoutedly reduce the stress usually involved in disposing of construction trash or debris. Besides, the task can be handled perfectly by a few employees who will be adequately spaced. This is possible because cleaning and removal of debris using LightChutes is hassle-free and efficient. 

All that will be required of employees cleaning the work area is to clear and dispose of debris into the LightChutes. There will be minimal or no contact in compliance with OSHA regulations regarding the prevention of the spread of Covid-19. Consequently, construction companies must ensure that they install LightChutes to facilitate debris disposal without the employees overcrowding the work area or coming in close physical contact with one another. 

Meanwhile, construction employers can search for an easy chute to rent after factoring construction debris chute pricing into the construction overhead costs. Choosing a trash chute for construction or demolition chute rental will help reduce the number of construction employees needed for cleaning in the workplace. We can help with all construction projects with quality debris chutes. We can help all construction projects with quality debris chutes. Moreover, choosing construction trash chutes like LightChute can be the right solution considering the prices of chutes on the market. 

It is possible to cut down on the overall construction cost by choosing a trash chute like LightChute to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations for preventing Covid-19 from spreading. If you can make the one-time investment in trash chutes, get in contact with HodChutes for high-quality light chutes and other types of debris chutes to suit your construction needs. Feel free to contact us for chute pricing. 

Installing a debris chute will make trash or junk disposal fast, easy, and hassle-free. Also, only a few employers will be required for the cleaning of the work area. Wages will reduce, debris disposal will be efficient, risks of spreading the coronavirus will reduce, and the company can avoid costly penalties ($9,472 – $134,937).

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Contact HodChutes for trash chute sales and construction trash chute rental. We are a leading chute manufacturer providing sales of debris chutes and demolition chute rental. We have easy chutes to install on project sites, and we sell chutes internationally to Europe, Israel, Thailand, Canada, Mexico and the US.

Talk to us about construction debris chute pricing. We also have an easy chute to rent. We are committed to combating the spread of the COVID-19 in the construction industry. Comply with the OSHA’s COVID-19 guidelines by choosing our demolition chute rental services.

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